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View GallerySee what’s CURRENTLY COOKING at Ursa Major Kitchen, lovingly made by Manda.

The kitchen and dining room are the center and heart of our boarding house. As a general rule, we are cooking all the time and we love to have company in the kitchen. We are omniverous, but increasingly aware of the need to tailor menus to Paleo or other restricted diets. We use alternative flours and milks and only the best quality meats and fishes. But the rich local produce that we adore is the star of our table.

See our sample Saturday brunch menus and sample weeknight dinner menus.

Facebook logo/linkWe serve a two-course or three-course prix fixe dinners on week nights. The menu might be inspired by anything from French Mediterranean or Italian cuisine, to Lebanese or Morrocan dishes. You can find out the latest information on our Ursa Major Kitchen Facebook page.

Also, we serve leisurely, three course brunches on Saturdays by pre-arrangement and long cosy afternoon dinners or event-related buffets on Sundays.

Overnight guests will have first choice for seats at the table, but other friends and neighbors will bring us to full complement.



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