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View GalleryYou don't need to go to a restaurant to have your favorite dishes made by a chef. I offer personal chef services to households of all sizes. You only need to tell me what sort of diet you follow, and what sort of foods make you happy, and I will design and deliver a menu to fit your needs.

Individual homemade dishes "to go" can also be ordered through Josephine.com, the private network for home cooked meals. Support local cooks and eat locally and sustainably. SIGN UP with Josephine.com and see what’s COOKING.
Smoky Linguica soup
Smoky Linguica soup with red beans and collard greens  

Becoming a member is FREE. There are talented cooks (I’m one of them!) on every street corner, so why not let us feed you and your family? Whether it’s an authentic dish from around the world, or an old family recipe, every neighborhood cook has something delicious to offer. We hope you will see what’s cooking in your community this week! Follow us on Facebook to see our latest posts.

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